Suffolk Stud

Oberon Suffolk Stud is located in Musk, Victoria

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Oberon Suffolks are tough enough to handle a wide range of environmental and climatic conditions – hot and dry through to cold and wet.

They are moderate framed, heavily muscled sheep that grow plenty of lean, tender and flavoursome meat.

Suffolk rams are excellent terminal sires, putting size and muscle onto your lambs no matter what the ewe may be - and that includes Dorpers. In fact, prime lamb buyers seek out the Suffolk/Dorper cross as the preferred prime lamb for processing. The Dorper can provide a year-round supply of lambs and, when sired by a Suffolk, have superior eating quality and size.

Suffolk mothers require minimum care with small headed and narrow shouldered lambs, strong instincts to protect the lambs and plenty of milk.


Oberon Suffolks are calm and easy to handle.

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Flock Number – 2067
Brucellosis Accreditation – OB3539
Sheep MAP (MN2V) – VS1181

Oberon Suffolks are calm and easy to handle.

Oberon Suffolk Stud Sheep